Aerostich Darien Pants   


We like gear that is built to last. We also like gear that is simple and subtle. We're not much for flashy technical gear or having a million zippers that are sure to break. Another big draw for us is American Made. Taking all this into consideration, choosing a Moto Pant for the trip was a no brainer.

Aerostich has been making high quality riding gear in Duluth Minnesota since 1983. They pioneered the use of Cordura/Gore-tex fabrics to produce durable, waterproof and breathable garments for the original adventure motorcycle movement.

After a few emails with Aerostich we chose to go with the Darien pants that they have been making for over 20 years. The Darien pants are a water proof breathable shell made of 500 denier Cordura Gore-tex and meant to be layered to accommodate the climate. In hot weather we wore shorts underneath and in cold weather we layered up with thermals. The full-length zippers allow for the pants to be easily removed with your boots on and the high waist keeps water from leaking down your crack in heavy rain. We opted not to run any armor but it easily velcros in if you choose to. The fit is great. They are slim, but with enough room for jeans and base layers comfortably and non restricting. The pre bent knees make for a relaxed fit while sitting on the bike, and adjustable cuffs allow for a tight fit around your boots.

After making the decision to invest in any Aerostich gear give your self the time to make sure the fit is just right. While they welcome any customers to come get fitted at the factory in Duluth, Minnesota, going to Duluth wasn’t an option for us. We had a pair of stock pants sent out for sizing while sitting on the bikes, which made a big difference in our order. The extra length we realized we needed in comparison to our normal jean sizing was considerable. With a hand full of measurements we sent them back and a week later we had our custom fit pants in hand. It was awesome how every step of the way you could feel how devoted to their customer they are.

The Darien pants are built to last and simply keep you dry in the worst conditions. After 35 000 miles and 9 months of living on the road the pants are still as solid as the day we left, just a lot filthier.  They kept us dry in the Amazon, warm in the high Andes and protected us while we both slid across the pavement on a slippery corner in Guatemala.  These pants will be with us for years to come and in the event of a major crash they can be professionally repaired at the Duluth factory. 


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