Waking up in Bay of LA we had to say good bye to Tim. He was packed up early and had a seriously long ride back to San Diego that day. After breakfast and last minute route advice we shared some hugs and Tim motored off. 

James and I got our stuff together and started south. One wrong turn on the way out of town had me shitting my self as a huge dog that was tied up at our U turn broke it's rope and came running after us! I wish I could take a picture of all the mental dogs down here but they are too busy freaking out at us for it to feel like a good idea to stop for a picture.


Finally on the right road out of town, and now feeling super confident on the terrain in Baja, James and I were pinning it down the dirt roads. It felt awesome to be moving so fast and we were having a blast. Baja is not to be mocked however, and as soon as you think you have her she will give you a good surprise. While wide open in 5th gear an invisible Baja ditch appeared across the middle of the road and I got launched! A good 6 feet in the air and some 30 or 40ft down the road. By some miracle I kept the bike up right and came to a quick stop after landing. James rolled up next to me and our faces were of pure shock. We couldn't believe what just happened and took a minute to assess the scene and the bike and pick our jaws up off the floor. We couldn't believe everything was still together after a jump like that with the full weight of my baggage on board. When it came time to get on the throttle again and keep on, you can be sure it was at a checked pace.


Jordan etting his bearings after the ditch launch.

Jordan etting his bearings after the ditch launch.

James checking out the launch site.

James checking out the launch site.

That night saw us pulling into San Francisquito in the dark. The roads into this tiny fishing town are more like paths and they criss cross all over the place through the sand and shrubs. It took a bit to navigate the maze before we popped out at the little airstrip where we planned to stay the night. The people that owned the place were making dinner from some fresh fish and asked if we would like some food. Shortly after two plates appeared for us that were by no doubt the best meals so far on the trip.


In the morning we woke to a flat tire on the front of my bike. Not to big a deal as the airstrip had a compressor and cement wall on the beach to hang the bike over. The older man who owned the place and I had a good laugh winding and ripping the air compressor cord, and soon enough we were heading out.


It was thanksgiving day, which is probably my second favorite holiday. I love feasting with friends and family, and the lazy relaxed hangouts that happen along with it. James and I settled for a roasted chicken at a roadside place in Vizcaino that came with a macaroni salad and french fries. When I got to call the family later in the day they made sure to let me know about all the good food they had and all the pies that were about to get eaten!