The ride from our campsite above Big Sur to LA was quick but filled with good visits and smooth riding.  Dropping down to the coast from our warm sunny campsite was a whole different world. We had plunged into coastal fog and were soaking wet from the moisture even though it wasn't raining. Visibility was pretty much non existent, so I just followed the sound of Jordan's bike and hoped nothing was in the middle of the road.

Our first stop was to say hello to Chris Burkhard on the outskirts of Pismo Beach and see his studio. His passion for photography and trip documentation has always been an inspiration for us. He is an incredibly driven human and has a great crew of dudes working with him.


We took Chris's advise and rode down to Guadalupe before merging back on the 101. Guadalupe is a farming community with a ton of character. Stopping to take a photo of one of the buildings as we entered the town, I noticed that the master link clip was missing  on my motorcycle's chain. The search around town for the part gave us the opportunity to meet many of the personalities that make this town so special.  The NAPA store owner did not have what I needed but was sure to talk our ear off about every movie that had been filmed there and make us sign his log book. Eventually I was able to find a master link that fit at the Hardware/Farm supply store.  Everyone in town was very helpful and we were soon on our way to Ventura to visit the Patagonia headquarters. 

Yvonne and Jeff Johnson at Patagonia have both spent plenty of time south of the border and traveling to Patagonia, not to mention leading inspirational lives in total. Getting a chance to meet them and pick their brains a little was awesome, and chatting with Yvonne in his original tin shop was an honor. Really, the whole team behind the brand was incredibly welcoming and fun to get to know.


With some words of wisdom we where off to battle LA traffic south of Ventura.  Our good friend Josh Porter, who is also the man handling the business end of West America welcomed us into his tiny apartment for a week of cozy times together.  All of our inventory had been shipped down to his place and our goal was to get everything set up and organized so it would not turn it into a UPS shipping center.


Days where spent working and evenings spent chasing Josh around LA. He is very comfortable blasting through traffic and made for some high heart rates as I got used to splitting lanes again.



Jordan's dad Mike joined us for a handful of days and in usual form treated us to several days of good company, stories and comforts.  It was nice to hang with family and Mike was a huge help in running all the last minute errands that we had to do before heading to Baja.  We were sad to say goodbye to Mike and Josh but also very excited about to hitting the road and getting out of the city.