MSR Whisperlight International Stove

If you don’t plan on camping and cooking for yourself while traveling you will be missing out. Many of the best experiences come from having the flexibility and security to eat and sleep anywhere. It could be that you found Shangri-La and want to stay longer or that something went wrong in a remote area and you need time to get it right again. Regardless, you'll be stoked to be prepared.

MSR was founded in 1969 and has been making stoves for over 40 years in the united states.  We chose the whisper light international stove because it's tiny and a liquid fuel stove that burns white gas, kerosene and gasoline. The ability to run on gasoline was essential for us as white gas and camp fuel mixes are not easy to find south of the boarder. Even when traveling in the states it can be hard to find camp fuel sold in small portions. The gasoline burns dirty but the self cleaning jet never clogged over the course of 9 months on the road. Any time we needed fuel we simply pulled gasoline out of our tanks. It was one less thing to carry and worry about finding on the road. 

The stoves worked great and always lit up no matter how dirty they were. It never seemed to mind if we were at 15,000 feet or at sea level, always providing a hot meal. The only downside we felt with the liquid fuel system was our in ability to finesse the flame. It was either on or off, making it hard to get a soft flame for slow cooking. After using the liquid fuel whisper light I cant imagine going back to the bulky canister system. I would recommend using white gas if its available but the nice thing is the stove jets are the same for white gas and gasoline.  

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