When James and I decided we were going to make this trip to Patagonia happen a large part of the motivation was to create a divide. A divide between how we were interacting with our lives and our shop before and after the trip. For me a big part in that equation was the probability that I would move on from bikes to focusing on other types of fabrication post trip. I'm sure I will build more bikes in the future, but after all I've learned making them, it's become obvious that they are just the tip of the iceberg for me in the shop. 

In light of all that, I wanted this last effort in bikes before the trip to be one that really exemplified what I thought was awesome. Awesome in relation to design, functionality, and over all esthetic. So, in a divergence from my usual one off custom frame building, I decided to make my perfect bike and offer it up for my final orders. The result was a clean, simple looking Porteur bicycle with all it's bells and whistles nicely tucked away. One that the owner will feel it's quality and appreciate it's subtlety, instead of flash and gaudiness. 

To get the desired result I had to machine many of the braze ons in house and heavily modify existing cast pieces that I could work into the build. 

An incredible amount of thanks goes out to Blake Hudson, Del Gibons and James Crowe for all their support in making this happen.

Here are some pictures along the way.


Paint by Delmar Gibbons. Del has been my painter since the beginning, a lot of love for this man.

A selection of photos from the final builds.