Woolrich X West America Jacket 

Years of riding in sub-par jackets and not being able to find what we really want left James and I dreaming of making our own one day. When the opportunity came to work with Woolrich and Karuna Scheinfeld to do just that we were beyond stoked. Working with them opened doors to top notch design knowledge and industry connections in American manufacturing that were essential in making this happen. What we created is a tough, versatile jacket with a simple look that is just as at home on the bike as it is on the street. Rather than building a technical motorcycle jacket we chose to stick with fabrics and construction that are tried and true. The fit is familiar and the 10oz waxed canvas keeps out the elements while offering great protection from the road. 

Meant to be used as the rugged outer shell to appropriate under layers for the climate, the jacket can serve you well in all scenarios. After a year with these jackets on our backs and over 40,000 miles on the bikes, the jackets have stood up to everything. 100 degree searing heat, torrential Amazonian downpours, insane Patagonian winds and below freezing snowstorms at 15,000 feet in the Andes. Never once soaking through or leaving us wanting. 

As the jacket broke in, it developed a great patina and molded to our bodies. Brushing off multiple crashes thus far, I have no doubt that this jacket has endless years of use ahead of it.

Also, the jacket fits up awesomely with the vest we designed with Woolrich for those colder days.